Why YOU shouldn't hire me... - Miss Monica Aguilar

Why YOU shouldn’t hire me…

Ha! Sounds crazy, right?

Well, I’m in the process of redefining my work, who I work for, and focusing on what I do best. 

Are you a medium sized business with a loosely structured Marketing department with unclear goals or a hazy strategy?

Can’t help ya. Why?

I’ve had clients in the past who had some really awesome visions and endeavors. In the end though, they failed. Their strategic outlook was foggy, they tried to be experts in areas they knew very little about and as a result they delivered less than promising results. Is it selfish to say that I want to be on the winning team that has a clear direction of where it’s going? I think not.

If you’re an entrepreneur (like myself) and are doing awesome, making mad sales, are running around like crazy and trying to do it all but don’t want to hire someone on a contractual, part-time basis because you don’t want to spend the money? Probably not a good idea for us to talk. I have had a client in the past who was gung-ho about hiring me, but not so much when it came to paying my invoices. Enough said about that.

Now, I can say this: if you’re looking for someone who’s creative, dedicated, fair, on-time, and are looking to hire somebody who can curate social media content, write blogs, and outreach to potential clients then, I’M YOUR GAL!!

As I move forward into the next phase of my career I just thought it would be wise to avoid any future misunderstandings. I’m looking to co-create rewarding, win-win situations with others willing to do the same. And, make some money in the process!


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