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Website Project Management: COMPLETED

I’m so very proud of my most recent project that I worked on for a local business here in Kona.

My co-worker from Mauna Loa Helicopters had a client who needed a website, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Sound familiar? Well, I was able to get him a professional, mobile-ready website, using WordPress as a CMS on the back end, AND I was even able to shoot some of the pictures featured on the website! To top it all off, I had to learn the basics of SEO in order to optimize the site. For my first shot at SEO, being on page 2 of Google isn’t so bad. However, in order to make it great I need to go back and update the keywords (despite the fact I won’t get paid to do the updates, it won’t matter since I want to include this in my portfolio). 


So, here’s the scoop:

Paramount Painting is a local painting contractor that works on high-end custom homes and condominiums here in Kailua – Kona. Cost was a factor on this project (I had a budget of only $1,000 to work with). I collaborated with one of my favorite web guys out in California whose rates are awesome for what he does. Per his suggestion, we bought a template through Themeforest.  One of the critical pieces of this project was that it had to look modern, clean, and sophisticated (his clientele is all upscale so this was important). I did have a deadline and the turnaround time was approximately 3 weeks (and we did meet it too!). One other important aspect of this project was that I had to come up with a name for the website since his company name was already in use by another business! Naming a website was fun – it felt like I was back in my Copywriting 1 class again in school!


The owner was impressed and happy with the overall look and presentation of his site. A few months later he had me go back and optimize the site so that he would show up in Google search results. I had to do a quick, crash course in SEO which my web guy helped me out with.

Overall, my experience working on this project was really positive. I LOVE doing the project management end of things. I liked having creative input as well as being able to contribute to the creative aspect of it. If I could get more projects like this, I would be super happy!

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