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I am a Virtual Assistant and digital nomad

I am a Virtual Assistant and a Digital Nomad

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So, I’ve been taking a terrific business plan writing course offered through http://e-jedi.org. Actually, I won a scholarship which is how I was able to attend. So far? It’s been incredibly awesome.

On May 30th I will be giving my final presentation. I decided to write about it because one of the key things that has come up during this class is my title! I had one woman graciously tell me that she saw me more as a ‘Solutions Provider’, a ‘Project Manager’, and a ‘Social Media Assistant’. I was so humbled! The challenge is though, what’s the appropriate title for me to use?

Since my business has bloomed into a full-time venture, I’m finding that I have to use the title that makes the best sense to potential clients. I could say that I’m a Virtual Creative Assistant with a flare for travel! Too long though…Another title that I absolutely feel is the best fit for me (although the url has already been taken) is Digital Nomad. Because I do travel quite a bit, and oftentimes work while traveling this title perfectly captures the essence of who I really am.

One of the things I have come across since identifying as a Digital Nomad is that there’s an entire tribe/culture of people who live just as I do. I’m hoping to connect with some fellow Digital Nomads when I take my next trip. I’ll be sure to write about it when it happens!

At the moment, I have some very incredible clients. I love the fact that my skill set has enabled me to create a dream job situation. I love, love, love that I can be just about anywhere with a power source, wifi, and a laptop and I’m in business. Pure awesomeness!!

I’ve also updated my portfolio section to include some of my recent clients. My real estate investor guy isn’t featured because I haven’t figured out just yet how to showcase the projects I’ve done for him.

Ok, back to work I go!

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