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Social Media Curator

To me, a Social Media Curator does the following:

Combining third party content with their own original thinking to create something bigger.”

This video is exciting stuff, folks. Short, but sweet, simple and to the point. Hearing them talk about what I love to do is awesome. For me, searching for content to post is like going on an easter egg hunt. I savor the sweet reward of finding something juicy to share.

It’s true what they say in the beginning of the video, how did I go from googling a vegetable to reading about an abstract painting?

The next thing you know, my browser looks like this:

I also have 2 different feed readers in which I can hardly keep up with all of what’s there. But, one of the things I love about my reader is that it acts as a library. There have been many times when I couldn’t find what I wanted, and instead opted to search through my reader. Voila! Like magic, I now have a reference point from which to begin again.

One of my biggest challenges is, aside from keeping up with everything, making the time to sit down and write for myself. My personal writing seems to ebb and flow. Rather than force myself to come up with something to post on my blog, I find my thoughts are much fuller when I wait til the mood strikes.

On this note, I have officially started my own Pintrest boards. I have to say, it was pretty exciting to watch other people pin away a photo I posted today 19 times!!

Here’s the photo of the day:

Click on image to see more from this artist. Source: My Modern Met

Funny enough, I realize that this post was completely inspired by one of the blogs I follow curated by some dude named Neil Perkin. So, thanks for your post Neil!

Happy curating everyone!

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