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Why Self-Care for the Entrepreneur is important

Why is self-care for an entrepreneur so important?

I recently did a survey of stay-at-home entrepreneurs and asked them:

What do you do for self-care? How do you manage to stay healthy: eat well, exercise, have fun, etc. What do you do to make sure that you’re on top of your game so that you have the energy to keep pushing through as you keep building your business?

One of the many responses I received answers my question above:

“I think of it as the things I need to do in order to show up as the best version of myself in my business. My peeps deserve the best version of me, not the burnt out resentful version.”

When you’re working from home, it is all too easy to get into a flow and forget to eat, get outside, or to take a break. How sustainable is that approach to running your business in the long run? If you’re hungry, tired, or simply not thinking straight you are not performing at your peak.

There are many articles that can be found online to help guide you towards creating a self-care routine that works best for you. If I had to sum it up, the response I received over and over again, as one of the most critical components of self-care for an entrepreneur, is exercise.

Too lazy to take a walk? Set a reminder on your phone to alert you to stand up and stretch. An even better idea is to get up and away from your desk and go outside to take a deep breath of fresh air while stretching.

Aside from exercise, eating was the next important factor in a self-care routine. Make sure you’re eating good though. Sugar and coffee will only take you on the express highway to burning out.

The other responses I received all centered around taking time off, connecting with friends, and getting away from their devices. The upside to implementing a self-care routine? Most people reported that their business expanded and overall did better. I didn’t qualify in what ways they did better. The bottom line is this: self-care for entrepreneurs is important not only to your personal health, but for the health of your business.

Feeling run down? Have too many tasks and not enough time? Get in touch and together let’s find a solution to put your business back on track.

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