On the job hunt? - Miss Monica Aguilar

On the job hunt?

I am.

Ok, so tomorrow I have an interview. Next week? A phone interview.

Here’s what I’m doing to prepare for both:

1. Outfit.

Must have an appropriate outfit. My industry is the Advertising/Communications/Marketing field. I can’t look stodgy, but I also want to show that I have some style (nothing too loud though). So, here’s what I picked out:

2. Research!

I printed out the original job posting and have combed over their websites to see what I could find out about their clients and the agency’s vibe.

Also, while it may seem kind of stalk-ish (I don’t think it is, in school it’s called: Target Audience) see what you can find out about the person you’ll be interviewing with. Have they won an award lately? Worked with an interesting client?

3. Questions?

Yes. Prepare a list of questions. About the job duties, about the company, about the clients.

4. You.

Oh gawd. Talking about you? Yep. So glad I took this class called, ‘Presentation for Planners’. Actually, it applied to just about everyone. It’s all about how you present yourself and knowing what you want to say to other people so they can get to know you better. A little nerve wracking, but worth the preparation.

5. Smile.

Even if you don’t get the position, it was all worth the while. Chance favors the prepared. You’ll be all the more ready for the next opportunity.

Wish me luck!


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