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New Project! Event Coordinator

Super, super, super excited about the current project I am working on. Excited because I am able to work with a couple of my favorite people, I’m taking on a new endeavor (which I always wanted more in-depth experience in), and I’m supporting something I’m extremely passionate about!

Arzu Mountainspirit is a traditional Garifuna healer from Belize. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we instantly hit it off. I assisted her with the write-ups of her services, consulted on updating her website (project has not yet commenced), and she asked if I could assist her with arranging a workshop over here on the Big Island of Hawaii!!! 

It’s been such a tremendous pleasure to take on a client that has a clear sense of direction. She knows what she wants. Our first meeting was all about providing me with her backstory so that I could get a better sense of who she is and what she does. From there, it was all gravy.

I LOVE collaborating and working in tandem with clients that are eager, excited, communicative, and kind! I love that I have been able to do what I do best in areas like my writing, research, and putting my old administrative assistant skills to use. Plus, I even had the pleasure of putting together a flyer for her.

Part of the event coordinating involved tracking down an amazing venue which I cannot wait to experience when she gets here. Working together with our mutual friend, I’m putting together the technical pieces of her email newsletter that we’re going to send out.

All of it, and I mean all of it has been so much fun, I just had to write a post about it! 

To learn more about Arzu and what she does, please visit her website. It hasn’t been updated yet, but don’t let that fool you. She’s the real McCoy, and an incredible gem of a human being!

Once the project is completed, I will most definitely be posting photos. The event won’t be a few months from now so be sure to check back!

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