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I love to do research projects (see below for  pricing). On my StrengthsFinder 2.0 test, one of my strongest skills was ‘Learning’. How does this translate into my work? I have an innate sense of curiosity that tends to be slightly askewed than most other people.

How so?

I’m one of those people who read books with a dictionary and a computer. If I don’t understand how to do something, I find a way to learn how. If I don’t understand a topic, or if I’m reading about something new I’ve never heard of, I actually stop and search for more information about it.

I’m always asking myself two questions – How and Why. So, when it comes to research projects, my clients have sent me on quests to dig for the nuggets of information they are seeking.

The last big research project I completed was for a Digital Brand Strategist, Nick Talbert (he was actually my former instructor at the Academy of Art University). I was tasked with finding very specific data criteria for a presentation. At this time I am not allowed to disclose the exact topic due to the sensitivity of research.

Do you need help with researching a project, and don’t have the time? As a Virtual Assistant, it’s one of my favorite projects to be tasked with. Here’s my Research package I’m currently offering for clients:

5 hours of research $175

Have questions? Contact me to discuss your project!