Is #failure the new #winning? - Miss Monica Aguilar

Is #failure the new #winning?

#Failure is the new #winning.

In the back of my mind when I tell myself that it’s okay if something I want to do might not work, a whole new realm of possibilities open up. I’ve seen bits and pieces of stories where #failure keeps popping as a new means of exploration that is now socially acceptable. 

I wanted to link to Yahoo’s Failure Club video because it exemplifies how much courage and just plain awesomeness is involved in being brave enough to fail at something you want so very badly.

Or, how about this great article from Fast Co about How FAILfaire turns Epic Fails into Successes?

As I now am fully faced toward my future with my whole hearted devotion, I can’t help but wonder, what’s my next venture? Either way, giving myself permission to fail just makes it that much easier to get started.

Is #failure the new #winning?

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