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Digital Nomad

Well, my journeys’ have taken me to a point where it’s become obvious – I have become a digital nomad. I’m currently south of the border with a strong internet connection and laptop. Plus, the view from my “office” isn’t too shabby. 

At the moment, I’m putting together a strategy to create more work for myself. While I’m living at a cost well below (actually far below) what it would have cost to have stayed in paradise, I still need to pay the bills!

I’m currently revamping the copy for another website project. It’s been a blast (I love to write), and my client is happy. A double win for both of us! The other really fun part of this project for me has been the training aspect of it. The backend of Amy’s website is powered by WordPress. It’s been so great to share my knowledge with her, and more importantly, to empower her that, ‘Si, se puede hacerlo!’ (Yes, you can do it!). It has been a real thrill to hear her excitement about learning something she didn’t understand before.

Although it’s under construction (the imagery will be swapped out for sure and lots of pages still need content – the client is in no rush), here it is:

Amy has been awesome to work with. It’s always a real pleasure to do business with someone who is flexible, and has a great attitude.

The view from my “office”.image

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