Current project: Squarespace website - Miss Monica Aguilar

Current project: Squarespace website

From time to time, I have the privilege of creating websites for clients using Squarespace. I have to say that building out sites using this platform is incredibly intuitive and easy to do.

This particular project took about 6.5 hours. Keep in mind this also included 3 project calls where we spent an hour reviewing the edits and changes the client wanted to make.

It’s pretty exciting to bring someone’s vision and idea to life! While I am not a developer and have no idea how to do manual coding (other than making simple <html> tweaks like entering a new <p> or changing text, I find that Squarespace is an easy way to go.

If you simply do not have the time to build a site for yourself, send me an email at and let’s talk!

Here’s a quick loom video I put together to get a sneek peak (it hasn’t yet been published, but it’s almost there!):

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