5 tasks a virtual assistant can do


5 tasks a virtual assistant can do to help save you time
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As an entrepreneur there are time consuming tasks that come up that need to be done. Let’s face it though, they’re kind of boring!

As a business owner your time is better spent doing things that are going to increase your income. Of course, you still need to manage your business, but what happens when the administrative projects begin to take over the money-making projects?

Here’s a simple solution: outsource it to a Virtual Assistant.

Not sure you need a Virtual Assistant? Here’s a list of 5 time consuming tasks, a Virtual Assistant can do. With a little extra help, this could free up some extra time so you can make those sales calls or do whatever you need to do that will make your life much easier.

1. Social media.

Ugh. Who has the time for this? For some, it can be a total time suck. And creating pretty pictures that help to make your content more “likeable”? What if your best shot at creativity was coloring with crayons as a kid? Honestly, outsource it. You’ll be much happier and you’ll get those wasted hours back from trying to figure out how to use the Facebook scheduler.

2. Scheduling meetings.

Are you one of those super busy executives that’s constantly on the go? Are you tangled between your Tripit app, Google calendar, and your nifty new website calendar that were once all in sync but are a complete mess for some reason? Technology is amazing. Don’t get me wrong. But if tracking your meetings is becoming a logistical nightmare and costing you time and money, you guessed it: outsource it to someone who can make your logistical nightmare a dream come true.

3. Bookkeeping

Oh dear Lord. Let’s face it, we all need to track our bottom line. It’s how we stay in business. But do you find that at the end of the year you’re trying to track down all your receipts for your accountant? Are you practically in tears at 1 am during tax season looking for that one email you know can prove you bought that super cool new software that’s helped you create a killer sales funnel? Get help. Stop reading and find a number cruncher. Like now.

4. Research

You forgot your anniversary. Almost. Oh, sh*!t  – the day is half over and you need to order your wife/husband a sweet little treat to let them know you’re still as over the moon about them as the day you decided they would be your forever one. But? You have a project meeting that’s going to take the rest of the business day and then you’re off to meet your sweetheart for dinner. No need to guess who can help track down a wildflower bouquet or that gourmet bottle of wine….After all, it’s the little things that count the most. Right?

5. Email/Email Newsletters

Technology. You love it. You hate it. Either way, resistance is futile. Are you adept at figuring out how to do stuff on your own? Or, are you one of those people that secretly wish you could torch your computer and still have it in working condition after you figure out how to upload your mailing list without any errors? Hey, it only took 1 day out of your life to get it working! Seriously, just hire someone to do it. That 1 day out of your life you could have landed several amazing leads.

Are you one of those silly characters I mentioned above? What are you waiting for? Get in touch. I’ll be your wicked, smart assistant that can help save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches!


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