April 10, 2017

Monica is incredibly dependable, efficient, and organized. She has been a true asset to my virtual team! She is great at collaborating with helpful ideas and expertise in branding, marketing, and promotion. I highly recommend Monica if you are ready to outsource and delegate.

Lanie Smith, MPS, ATR
Owner, Integrative Art Therapy

February 25, 2017

From the first time we spoke, Monica approached my job with the utmost professionalism. She came to the table prepared and gave me both honest assessments on the time it would take to achieve our objective as well as some creative ideas on how to improve the end product. She is inherently curious and isn’t afraid to ask questions and do additional homework to find the right answer. It’s not easy to find someone who combines structure with creativity, which is why I’d recommend her to those who need help with organization, research and social media.

Michael Grossman,
Owner, FiftyPlus One

March 7,2016

Monica came on board to help with social media management and some other VA tasks. She’s been a great help to my company freeing up my time so that I can work on other projects. She cares about her work and her clients and wants to make sure they are successful. She’s a team player that is supportive while also sharing ideas that could help the project or business. She responds quickly and gets her work done. She’s been a great help to me and I would recommend her services.

Jamie Chang,
Destination Wedding Planner
Mango Muse Events

June 14, 2015

Monica saved my web-site! I have no web designer skills and it showed on my dowdy uninspiring web-site until I found Monica and hired her to do a makeover. She optimized my site for cell phones and tablets and created a crisp clean presentation. Monica took my vague ideas and put together a prototype so I could work with something tangible. She trained me on making simple edits to post my blog articles. She was easy to reach and very flexible in her availability. I highly recommend Monica’s web-site services.

Amy K,
Northern California


November 29, 2015

Monica was a great asset to our team. She is flexible and an excellent communicator. Highly recommended.

CEO Petabridge


June 14, 2015

Monica has been my personal assistant for about two months and has been a huge help. I have had other us based and international assistants and Monica is the best. She has  a much higher bar for completed work. The other assistants I’ve had turn in work that is just barely good enough or needs some work on my part to make it great. I don’t have that issue with Monica!  Most recently she completed a tax appeal form for me that was way better than what I could have even produced. Monica is diligent, fast to respond, a Great communicator, attentive to detail,
and a great assistant.

Real Estate Investor


May 5, 2015

To whom it may concern:

I was introduced to Ms. Aguilar by a mutual friend in January 2015.  I came to learn that she had extensive experience in marketing and Social media advertising. These were skills I would need to rebuild
a business I recently purchased.

We met several times and I shared my vision for the business.  She listened intently and asked many clarifying questions until she knew exactly what needed to be done to accomplish my goal. She developed a comprehensive proposal to reintroduce my business to the community and region and to date it has been very successful.

Monica is a gifted professional. She has the ability to take imagination to implementation and vision to action. Through her guidance, my business is reestablishing the “good will” necessary for any business to thrive.  Residents who went to Laundromats outside the city are now coming back to their “hometown” Laundromat. This is in large part due to the marketing plan developed by Ms. Aguilar.

She is very loyal and tenacious when coordinating the marketing plan. An example of this was when I decided to use USPS for  “every door direct marketing”.  After following the instructions from the Post Master, the printed products were refused as it didn’t meet their standards. Monica wouldn’t accept this. She engaged the Post Master in conversation and was able to convince that the product should be allowed to be mailed and it was.

Monica possesses all the attributes and characteristics of a true professional. She listens to her client, is very dependable, accomplishes task on time, provides a high quality product, has great insight and imagination, and mostly is a very ethical person.

I would highly recommend her to any existing or new business as she will definitely be an asset to your company.

Stephen Bell
Owner, Bell’s Laundromat


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